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A Sci-Fi Exploration Simulator

This is a Star-Trek/60s Sci-fi comics inspired rpg with a focus on Ship/crew management and exploration. I'm writing it in Python and for now it is an ASCII based terminal app.


|*| Ship systems: energy produced by ship core and used in engines, shields, weapons, etc. Energy can be allocated to specific componants to improve or reduce output. Hull integrity and temporary repairs by onboard engineers vs permanent repairs in port.

|*| Ports and Planets: map locations containing combat encounters, missions, repair stations, crew recruitment offices, research labs, and alien races.

|*| Planet/ship exloration: sorties can be sent to board other ships or land on planets to obtain data, make diplomatic deals, find resources, or engage in combat. Basic information can be obtained through using the ships scanning equipment and less diplomatic options are available when remotely communicating through coms channels.

|*| Earn better ships: based on your performance and experience the high fleet command will offer you opportunities to transfer to different ships with different orders. You cannot bring your crew or ship upgrades with you. This serves as the games linear progression system.

|*| Crew Management: each crew member adds a small boost to the ship's performance depending upon the person's skill, rank and position abourd the ship. All promotions are handled by the player. Aliens from the worlds you explore will ocasionally offer to join your crew. You can select one crewmember to become your Second in Command; their skills will add a significant boost to the ship and they will be transfered with you from ship to ship untill they are assigned their own vessel. You can also select a crewmember to be your 'buddy'. This person will also give you a stat boost but it is about 1/2 as effective as a 2nd in Command. Your buddy is a personal freind who will always transfer with you from ship to ship.

|*| Pirates and thugs: you will sometimes be attacked by groups of pirates who will attempt to steal information, crew, resources, or your ship. If they take your crew they will hold them for ransom to extort even more out of you.

|*| Captain reputation: Warmongering, harming relations with aliens, and harming civilians will reduce your reputation while the opposite will improve it. A good reputation will give you a diplomacy boost but if your reputation is bad enough you will be court-martialed and removed from command.

|*| Proper 2d graphics as opposed to a text-grid. Not sure about this one, we'll have to see how things go.

^ Planned module chart


*Grid drawing module:

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